Detailed Services

IronDoor is committed to delivering the best service for your property. Whether you are a tenant or an owner, we specialize in providing experienced multi-family property management by understanding all the your needs.

Property Management

With over 13 years of experience and thousands of residential units under management IronDoor Property Management is Kansas City's leading multi-class residential property management firm.  As property owners ourselves, IronDoor is committed to serving your property as we would our own, providing your assets with strategic and reliable property management, tenant retention and leasing services.

With 100’s of property management companies across the Midwest, the quality of the people that manage a property is what separates a place you call home for a year vs. a place you call home for five years. We specialize in providing expert, experienced residential/multi-family property management for class B and C properties. At IronDoor Property Management, what you see is what you get: reliable property managers committed to serving your property like our very own. Marketing to residential tenants, maintaining properties, and creating value for property owners doesn’t require bells and whistles; just the professional service, experienced industry leaders and reliable property management that you’ll get from IronDoor.

Investment Services

Our owners can rest assured that our property management know how extends well beyond maintenance, leasing, and tenant retention. With over 12 years of property ownership experience, we have fine-tuned our asset management skills through our very own multi-thousand-unit portfolio. Our aim is to ensure that the lessons we learned, in property management, construction, and accounting translate into profitable consistent returns for our owners. We understand the market, the needs, of owners, tenants, and bankers. Our competitive prices and thorough understanding of income expense ratios, income growth goals, tax incentives, property maintenance, and more - ensures that vacancy goes down, while the owner's bottom lines stay healthy.

Construction and Development

With experience in building a value-add heavy portfolio, construction and development know-how have developed naturally along the way. With expertise in costing, municipal code requirements, and reliable sub-contracting network – IronDoor Development can assist investors and owners with any construction and development projects that may arise.

Top Projects

Unlike other builders, we have continuously improved and critiqued an original product, all the while leaving room for looks and customization.


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